Hellios build bridges across supply chains

How compliant are your suppliers with legislation, regulation and corporate governance requirements? What unknown supply chain risks could cause operational and reputational impacts?


How is compliance with bribery and corruption legislation being effectively managed within your supply chain? Is your business exposed to potential legal action or reputational risk?


LCD is a growing area as governments seek to attract the investment of international companies, particularly in extractive industries and construction, whilst ensuring that their local economies benefit through the use and development of local suppliers.


How well is the supply chain mapped across all tiers to identify potential hotspots that could disrupt supply, including risks of financial failure, natural disaster and terrorism?


How do suppliers comply with your CSR policies across labour standards, ethical sourcing, equality and diversity, SMEs, use of natural resources or conflict minerals?


How easy is it to access high quality, accurate and up-to-date information on suppliers? Is information instantly available online in a single system capable of alerting any key changes?


Our Values

The ethos of Hellios and each of our employees is to provide the highest quality service and technology based on long term sustainable relationships with our buyer and supplier customers.

We are privately owned by shareholders who are investing for a long term sustainable future.  This enables us to use our unique trusted expertise and invest in meeting our individual customer needs without compromise on the quality of our services.

Five core values underpin the culture of our people, partners and the way we work with our customers:


We take great pride in the quality of everything we do: the supplier information we provide, the software technology we use, the assessments and audits we offer, the support we give to our buyer and supplier customers.


We will always act with honesty, honour and ethics: we put quality before profit, we share our performance openly with our customers and will go beyond the requirements of UK and US bribery and corruption legislation.


We are fully committed to delivering the best possible service to our customers: we will always go the extra mile to deliver value and resolve issues, and invest in the longer-term development of our employees.


We will continually innovate the service we provide: leveraging the latest software technologies, changing and improving our services to remain focussed on value for our customers in a rapidly changing environment.


We believe in the longer term: making decisions that provide the greatest value to our customers, our employees and society - not based on shorter term profits or a lack of continuity caused by changes in ownership.

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